Best water treatment Boat Water Maker RF-RO-101

Best Boat Water Maker RF-RO-101 in UAE | Dubai 2024

Ultratec Boat Water Maker RF-RO-101: Compact, Efficient, and German-Made Excellence

In the world of maritime adventures, having a reliable source of fresh water is non-negotiable. Ultratec introduces the Boat Water Maker RF-RO-101, a compact marvel crafted in Germany, designed to transform seawater into pristine, drinkable water, ensuring you stay hydrated wherever your nautical journey takes you.

RO Plant Water Treatment Excellence

Our smallest system, the RF-RO-101, is a testament to German engineering, showcasing efficiency and innovation in every drop. It efficiently converts seawater into potable water, addressing the critical need for a compact yet powerful water maker on your boat.

 Versatile Configuration for Enhanced Performance

The RF-RO-101 comes with a range of versatile modules, allowing you to configure the system based on your specific needs. This adaptability means larger quantities of drinking water can be produced without incurring additional expenses. Ultratec ensures that your quest for fresh water is met with flexibility and efficiency.


 Premium Performance in the Upper Segment

Positioned in the upper premium segment, the RF-RO-101 fulfills your aspiration to generate fresh water anytime, anywhere. It stands as a reliable companion for those who demand excellence and reliability in their marine adventures.


 Technical Specifications at a Glance


– Pre-filter

– 10µm deposition filter


Modules Details:

– 1 DTS (Disk Tube)

– Drinking water volume: Max 4500l/Day

– After-treatment options: Mineralization, Ultraviolet Disinfection, or Chlorination.


Water Types:

– Seawater

– Brackish Water

– River Water

– Groundwater

Town Water


Areas of Use:

– Drinking water production on medium-sized or larger vessels, ferries, yachts, or for supply in the offshore area

– Safe usage in harbors

– Activated carbon filters for chlorination of city water


Noise Level:

– Sound insulation below 60 db (A)

– Control via app possible

Experience the peace of mind that comes with the Ultratec Boat Water Maker RF-RO-101. Its user-friendly design, combined with German precision, ensures that your journey on the high seas is never compromised by the lack of fresh water. Stay refreshed, stay reliable – choose Ultratec for your water treatment needs.


FAQs FOR Boat Water Maker


The RF-RO-101 stands out for its compact design, German-made excellence, and versatile configuration options. Its adaptability and efficiency make it an ideal choice for boat owners seeking a reliable source of fresh water during their maritime adventures.

The system utilizes advanced pre-filter and 10µm deposition filter technology to remove impurities from seawater. The 1 DTS (Disk Tube) module then efficiently processes the water, producing a maximum of 4500 liters per day of high-quality drinking water.

Absolutely. The RF-RO-101 is equipped with versatile modules, allowing users to configure the system based on specific requirements. Whether it’s mineralization, ultraviolet disinfection, or chlorination, the system offers flexibility without additional expenses.

The RF-RO-101 is designed to handle various water sources, including seawater, brackish water, river water, groundwater, and town water. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of maritime environments.


The RF-RO-101 is suitable for drinking water production on medium-sized or larger vessels, ferries, yachts, and for supply in offshore areas. It can also be safely used in harbors, and activated carbon filters are available for the chlorination of city water.

The RF-RO-101 is designed with sound insulation measures, ensuring a noise level below 60 decibels (A), creating a quiet and comfortable environment on your boat.

Yes, the RF-RO-101 can be conveniently controlled via an app, providing users with the flexibility to manage and monitor the system remotely.

Ultratec prioritizes user-friendly design in all its products. The RF-RO-101 is no exception, featuring intuitive controls and clear interfaces to make operation and maintenance hassle-free for boat owners.

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