Marine Pure Water Maker 400-2000 GPD

The Village Marine Pure Water Series  Sea Water Makers is meticulously crafted for relentless operational demands in situations where an uninterrupted source of fresh water is imperative. This cutting-edge desalination system boasts the capacity to generate a substantial daily output, ranging from 400 to 2,000 gallons per day, rendering it exceptionally well-suited for deployment in various commercial marine scenarios.

Introduction Marine Pure Water 400-2000 GPD Series

The Village Marine Pure Water 400-2000 GPD Series Watermaker boasts a design that prioritizes installation adaptability, superior performance, and an extended operational lifespan, even in the most challenging environments. The flagship model, known as the Pure Water, is purpose-built for 24/7 continuous duty scenarios where a dependable freshwater supply is absolutely essential. While the fully framed unit is the standard configuration, for situations with limited space. We also offer semi-modular and fully modular versions.

At the heart of every Pure Water Series system lies the Ultra Tec®. high rejection seawater membranes, complemented by a Monel mesh strainer and dual sediment pre-filters, ensuring the delivery of top-tier potable water. With the capacity to generate anywhere from 400 to 2,000 gallons per day (1,514 to 7,571 liters per day). It stands as an exemplary desalination solution for commercial marine applications.

Technology Pure Marine Water

The adjustable 316 SS pressure regulating valve permits utilization with fresh, brackish, or seawater sources. Its user-friendly counterpart, the 316 SS high-pressure bypass valve, governs the operating mode and facilitates high-pressure bypass for startup and low-pressure flushing without necessitating readjustment of the regulating valve.


Pressure gauges, made of stainless steel and glycerin-filled, provide reliable performance monitoring.


A maintenance-free air/oil separator enables operation while in motion, and the absence of a mechanical seal on the low-pressure pump reduces maintenance requirements.


The low RPM five-plunger titanium pump ensures minimal vibration and noise while delivering unrivaled corrosion resistance. Additionally, the magnetic drive low-pressure pump offers up to 10 psi of boost pressure to the filtration system, eliminating. The need for a mechanical seal and thus reducing maintenance demands.


  • Monel mesh strainer and dual sediment pre-filters
  • 316 SS pressure regulating valve
  • Corrosion-resistant titanium plunger pump


A Freshwater flush system is integrated, available as either a manual flush or an optional automatic flush for added convenience and safety with RO Plant water treatment companies in UAE.


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