Water Maker Sea Recovery Coral Sea

The Sea Recovery Coral Sea Series Horizontal Sea Water Makers boasts an industrial-strength production capability while maintaining a compact, space-efficient design. It offers a desalination capacity of up to 3,600 gallons per day (GPD) and comes equipped with electric monitoring and an intuitive LCD touchscreen interface. This makes it an excellent choice for large yachts seeking top-tier desalination solutions.

Introducation Sea Recovery Coral Sea Series Horizontal Water Maker

Best Sea Recovery Coral Sea Series Horizontal water maker excels in a single unit’s production. It can generate an impressive 3,600 gallons per day (equivalent to 13,627 liters), making it an ideal choice for demanding applications. This watermaker is robustly built and combines industrial-grade production efficiency with space-saving design and user-friendly style configurations. It is an outstanding desalination option for substantial vessels, including expansive yachts, commercial fishing vessels, workboats, oil platforms, and charter craft, as well as diverse onshore establishments like villas, modest hotels, and individual homes.

Engineered for robust and dependable operation, this water maker is tailored for heavy-duty tasks. Its versatility shines through as it can produce high-quality freshwater regardless of location or time. It’s especially beneficial for larger vessels due to its adaptability, available in modular, horizontal, and vertical style configurations. The Coral Sea Series water maker perfectly matches those with substantial freshwater needs with RO Plant water treatment companies in UAE.

Sea Recovery Coral Sea  Equipped with user-friendly semi-automated functions, including

  • An intuitive LCD touchscreen interface that provides pictorial representations of all operating conditions.
  • Self-adjustment capabilities to adapt to varying feed water conditions.
  • Automatic shut-down features, either timed or based on the desired product water quantity.

Additional features include:

  • Noise reduction design for quieter operation.
  • High-pressure piping constructed from stainless steel.
  • Low-pressure piping that is hard plumbed.
  • Reliable chemical-duty motors.
  • Robust prefiltration housings.
  • Dual overpressure protection mechanisms.
  • Digital and analog readings for both brine and product water.
  • Multiple safety systems to ensure secure operation.

Incorporating advanced membrane technology, this watermaker optimizes space utilization, providing more gallons per square inch than other systems on the market. It’s designed to be user-friendly, featuring electronic monitoring, an LCD touchscreen, and cutting-edge water-making technology. The LCD touchscreen or a remote control allows users to access and manage all system functions from any location on the vessel via Ultra Tec®.

Essential meters and monitors include:

  • An exclusive Salinity Meter that displays the actual product water quality.
  • The bar graph format displays the product water quality, complemented by ten additional LEDs.
  • An electronic Flow Meter in solid-state configuration visualizes the flow of both product and feed water, enabling the calculation of production rates.
  • Hour Meter for accurate usage logs.
  • Micro Processor Controlled Electronics that provide state-of-the-art technology.
  • Timing and sequential starting of electric motors with manual override.

For service and maintenance, the Coral Sea Series watermaker offers comprehensive support:

  • A detailed manual with exploded part views and connection drawings for installation, operation, maintenance, and guidelines.
  • A global service and sales network for immediate attention, regardless of location.
  • We have dedicated technical service to ensure excellent system performance.

Regarding the pump system:

  • An exclusive high-efficiency Booster Pump.
  • This water-lubricated Radial Axial High-Pressure Pump operates without the need for oil changes.
  • Optional: High-Pressure Plunger Pump.

Materials used in its construction:

  • Lightweight aluminum design.
  • A sole heavy-duty Magnetic Latching Relay, seamlessly integrated into the system, serves each motor’s dedicated function.
  • New High rejection/high yield membrane elements that produce higher quality product water.
  • Chemical Duty Motors.
  • Fiberglass Reinforced High-Pressure Membrane Vessel, eliminating corrosion and enhancing strength and durability.
  • A 316 Stainless Steel Pressure Transducer designed for precise measurement of system functions.

Safety features:

  • A failsafe Product Water Diversion Valve.
  • Unique Low Voltage Control Circuitry, with shielded terminals, covered high voltage components for user safety.
  • Sensors that automatically shut down the system to ensure safe operation when pre-filter maintenance is required, or operating pressure limits are exceeded.


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