Surface Water Treatment Containerized


20ft & 40ft modules
For River Water, Lake Water Or Any

RO Plant Mobile Water Treatment modules are designed to provide a reliable and efficient solution for treating rivers, lakes, and other water sources. With its compact 20- and 40ft modules, this system is highly portable and easy to transport, making it ideal for remote locations and emergency response situations.

Equipped with advanced filtration and disinfection technologies, the Mobile Water Treatment Company UAE system by RO Plant can produce high-quality drinking water that meets or exceeds regulatory standards. Its plug-and-play feature and integrated “All in One” design makes installing and operating easy, ensuring a fast and efficient deployment.

water filtration system (1)

RO Plant RO UAE water treatment company solutions include advanced processes such as Lamella Clarification, Flocculation, Coagulation, Sedimentation, Flash Mixing, Diffused Air Flotation, Plate Interceptor, and Rapid Sand Filter. These technologies ensure the efficient removal of impurities and produce clean, safe drinking water.

Mobile_Water Treatment Company UAE
Installation Process:
  • Choose a suitable location for the unit
  • Connect the water intake line to the unit
  • Install the pre-treatment system to remove larger particles and impurities from the water
  • Install the chemical dosing system to remove more minor impurities and contaminants
  • Install the membrane filtration system to remove any remaining impurities
  • Install the UV sterilizer to kill bacteria and viruses
  • Connect the plumbing to the storage tank or water dispenser
  • Connect the unit to the power supply
  • Activate the unit and configure the necessary settings
  • Monitor the system and test the quality of the water produced
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