Iron removal filters

Best iron removal filters for clean and pure drinking water

Removing Iron for Crystal Clear Drinking water 

our best iron removal filters Can help you to protect you from reddish brown stain and utilized crystal clear water for drinking. The most effective solution is to remove excess iron from your water using RO plant water treatment specialized filtration systems. But not just any filter will do – you need filters designed specifically to reduce different types of iron in water. Here’s an overview of the best iron removal filters for clean, pure drinking water.

For Soluble Ferrous Iron Removal

When iron is dissolved in its ferrous (clear water) state, a multimedia filter is required. These filters use a bed of filtering materials like manganese greensand or natural zeolite coated with potassium permanganate. As water passes through, the media traps and oxidizes the soluble ferrous iron for easy removal.

For Insoluble Ferric Iron Removal

If your water contains insoluble particles of ferric (rusty) iron, standard sediment filters can effectively reduce rust, sediment, and turbidity. Filters using wound string and pleated membranes catch larger ferric hydroxide particles down to 0.5 microns in size.

For Both Ferric and Ferrous Iron

To eliminate all forms of iron contamination, install an iron filter system that combines air injection and multimedia filtration. Aeration first oxidizes soluble iron to insoluble ferric hydroxides. The oxidized iron then gets filtered out by the media bed.

For Tougher Iron Problems

For very high concentrations of iron, manganese oxides, heavy biofouling, or low pH, you may need enhanced systems. These use additional components like chlorine feed, manganese greensand filters, water softeners, and acid neutralizers.

Complementary Filters for Comprehensive Treatment
Iron removal filters often get combined with other filters like sediment pre-filters and carbon filters. This prevents iron breakthrough and removes additional contaminants like hydrogen sulfide, tannins, and chlorine. With the right iron removal system, you can enjoy stain free fixtures, great tasting water, and pure water quality throughout your home or facility. Invest in proper filtration tailored to your water’s iron levels for best results.

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