Industrial 10000 or 12000 GPD Reverse Osmosis System

Providing the best complete selection of products, our offerings encompass RO plants, Industrial 10000 or 12000 GPD RO System, High-quality 10000 or 12000 GPD RO water system for optimal performance, and reverse osmosis systems. Water treatment companies in UAE provide tailored solutions for industrial utilization.

The Industrial 10000 or 12000 GPD RO System are crucial in purifying drinking water. Within this process, untreated water particles are directed through a semi-permeable membrane, impeding impurities and contaminants. As a result, the environment effectively separates these detrimental components, resulting in the generation of drinking water that is both safe and clean.

Reverse osmosis systems can eliminate diverse types of molecules and particles from solutions. These water filtration systems find extensive application in potable water production and for various industrial purposes 10000 or 12000 GPD RO System.

Industrial Water Treatment Plant

The Industrial 800 to 60000 GPD RO Plant represents a top-tier water purification solution tailored for large-scale water treatment needs. This advanced system’s precise engineering effectively addresses water impurities on a substantial scale. By incorporating a combination of cutting-edge water purification technologies, including Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultraviolet (UV), and Ultrafiltration (UF). This water purifier ensures unparalleled efficiency.

UltraTec® has meticulously designed these industrial RO plants to yield low levels of dissolved solids from sources like tap water or healthy water. The credit for this accomplishment goes to the high-efficiency reverse osmosis membrane. A pivotal factor in attaining the intended levels of water purity. The resulting purified water finds applications across a broad spectrum, ranging from crucial sectors such as semiconductors, boiler feed, pharmaceuticals, and municipal water supply to equally important uses like water reuse, food processing, bottling, and various industrial operations.

In essence, the Industrial 800 to 60000 GPD RO Plant water treatment companies in UAE stands as an emblem of innovation, addressing the demand for pristine water across multifaceted applications with unmatched efficacy.

Advantages of Industrial 10000 or 12000 GPD RO System

  • Reduced need for extensive civil work and construction
  • Compact footprint requiring minimal space
  • Installation that’s as simple as plug-and-play
  • Utilization of top-tier components, including Grundfos pumps, DOW Filmtec membranes, Codeline vessels, and the Pure Aqua microprocessor control panel
  • Incorporation of a high-recovery design
  • Utilization of high-rejection membranes
  • Low consumption of both energy and chemicals

S.Steel Frame (Control Box-Option)

Glass Membrane Vessel

S.Steel or Fiber Glass Membrane Vessel *6


4" x 40" membrane*6


Inlet Actuator & Flush Solenoid ValveInlet Actuator & Flush Solenoid Valve


Source & Ro Gauge

Flow Meter

Inlet & Concentration Flow Meter

Vertical Pump

S.Steel Vertical Pump 4.0kW


Three Phase Motor

Flush Controller

Auto Flush Controller & TDS Detector


Accumulated Timer


Pressure Regulator

Gate Valve


Anti-Scalent Device *3

Electricity Consumption

4020 W

Shipping Dimension

112X101X150 CM


120 kgs


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