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Providing the best complete selection of products, our offerings encompass RO plants, Industrial 4,000 Sea Water RO Plant System, High-quality 4000 GPD Sea Water reverse osmosis plant system for optimal performance. Water treatment companies in UAE provide tailored solutions for industrial utilization.

The Industrial 4000 Sea Water RO Plant represents a dependable and efficient method for transforming seawater into freshwater. Its robust design can endure challenging conditions, while its automatic self-cleaning feature ensures uninterrupted operation. Notably, the plant exhibits low energy consumption, aligning with eco-friendly principles. Clients stand to gain from the system’s high-caliber freshwater production, coupled with minimal maintenance demands.

Advantages of the 4000 Sea Water RO Plant

The 4000 Sea Water RO Plant stands as a commercial-grade reverse osmosis system exclusively crafted for saltwater applications. Distinguished by its robust stainless steel frame, it can be easily installed in a variety of settings. Comprising a pre-filter, high-pressure pump, and an RO membrane, it also boasts a post-filter for residual impurity removal. The system’s core capability lies in its capacity to eliminate up to 99% of dissolved solids from saltwater, rendering it ideal for deployment in coastal regions.

The 4000 Sea Water RO Plant water treatment companies in UAE is a pioneering initiative undertaken by Ultra Tec Water Treatment LLC, situated in Dubai. Our company is a prominent private sector water utility in Dubai, possesses this 4,000 GPM seawater RO plant, renowned for its impressive 2,300 MW generation capacity.

The CGPL UMPP, granted on a 20-year BOOT basis, marks Dubai’s inaugural private-sector power venture utilizing supercritical boiler technology. It is poised to become India’s most energy-efficient plant. CGPL will source seawater from the Mundra coast for diverse utilities and its primary boiler. Ultra Tec has clinched the contract for executing the 4,622 GPM (25,200 m³/day) (permeate) capacity Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant (SWRO) on an EPC Basis. This association fills Ultra Tec with immense pride as it participates in India’s foremost UMPP endeavor.

Project Overview

Ultra Tec faces the formidable challenge of achieving a 40% permeate recovery rate from challenging feedwater. This feedwater exhibits Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels fluctuating between 42,000 mg/l to 46,000 mg/l, with a maximum feedwater temperature of 95°F (35°C). Nevertheless, Ultra Tec remains resolute, vowing to provide water of treated quality with TDS levels below 450 mg/l at the SWRO outlet and 5-7 mg/l TDS levels at the BWRO outlet.

Scope of Service

One of India’s larger desalination projects in recent times, the UltraTec® Water Treatment Company in UAE will employ SWRO technology to generate 25.2 MLD of desalinated water, catering to a range of user applications. A portion of this desalinated water will undergo further treatment through a BWRO system to yield 660 GPM (3,600 m³/day) of permeate for use in the upstream mixed bed’s demineralization plant, specifically for boiler feed applications.

The Ultra Tec SWRO system comprises a 2 x 6,160 GPM (2 x 1,400 m³/hr) pretreatment plant, incorporating Lamella Clarifiers followed by two-stage filtration involving Dual Media and Pressure Sand Filters. This SWRO system comprises 4 SWRO banks, supplemented by two BWRO banks. The operation and maintenance (O&M) responsibilities for three years following the CGPL project’s commissioning by Ultra Tec.

Water Making

4000 GPD


95% to 98%


50% to 60%

RO Membrane Brand

CSM (8040 (400 ft sq) x1 pcs)

RO Pressure Vessel

FRP (8040x1pcs)

HI-Pressure Pump

4 kW x 380V x 50 Hz – Brand: Grundfos, Model CRI 5-29

Flow Rate

5T/hr, lift head: 165M


TK 7-20

Flow Meter

Pure Water Flow Meter and Drain Flow Meter

Pressure Valve

Low-Pressure and High-Pressure Valve


RO Frame by Stainless Steel Welding

Main Panel

All Pressure Displays on The Main Panel




Low-Pressure Pipe Sch # 80 UPVC


Flush The Valve, Feed The Valve, and Adjust The Valve.


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