Multimedia Water Filter Systems 5 up to 15 GPM in UAE

 Efficiently remove sediment with our Multimedia Water Filter Systems, available in 5 to 15 GPM flow rates. Featuring automatic backwashing, a Clack V125DTH control valve, and a composite media tank with anthracite, quartz sand, and garnet for superior depth filtration, Experience lasting performance with these robust multimedia filters.

 Easily remove debris with our multimedia water filter, with flow rates from 5 to 15 GPM. Features automatic backwash, a Clack V125DTH control valve, and composite media containing anthracite, quartz sand, and garnet for a deep finish. Long-lasting performance with robust multimedia filters. More details: Improve your water quality with our multimedia filtration systems, designed to provide unmatched visibility and convenience. With flow rates of 5 to 15 gallons per minute (GPM), these systems provide a constant flow of unsanitary water, meeting the needs of a variety of residential and commercial applications. The heart of our core multimedia equipment is the advanced Clack V125DTH control valve, equipped with an electronic timer for seamless automation. This state-of-the-art valve provides performance and efficiency by precisely controlling the visual process. Robust composite media tanks feature a carefully designed combination of filter media such as anthracite, quartz sand, and garnet. This unique combination of ingredients creates a multi-layer, in-depth filtration system that efficiently and effectively removes small amounts of dirt from your water. Anthracite is a highly porous and durable material that acts as a filtration system, allowing larger waste to flow through its complex pores. Quartz sand, known for its excellent filtering properties, creates a second layer that traps fine particles and further cleans the water. Finally, after the garnet layer, the polishing stage is carried out to ensure that your water does not leave any residue. One of the great features of our multimedia filters is the automatic water recovery function. This smart machine periodically reverses water flow to effectively lift and remove dirt, providing better performance over a longer period of time. With its robust construction, advanced materials, and smart design, our multimedia filter offers unique dirt-removal properties, ensuring the reliability of clean, clear water for your home or business. Experience better visuals with our powerful multimedia filters.


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