PR-UV-48GPM-HT 160W Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer

The PR-UV-48GPM-HT 160W Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer by RO Plant is housed in heavy-duty stainless steel for horizontal installation. Equipped with 4 UV lamps and quartz sleeves, it ensures maximum efficiency in destroying microorganisms. Featuring a CE ballast with LED indicators, it’s ideal for hotels, restaurants, and clinics, guaranteeing excellent water quality.

Experience unmatched water sterilization with the PR-UV-48GPM-HT 160W Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer from RO Plant. Encased in a robust stainless steel 304 pressure vessel, this model is engineered for horizontal installation, ensuring durability and reliability in various settings.

Designed to handle standard flow on 1-inch pipes, this sterilizer boasts 4 heavy-duty quartz sleeves and high-output UV lamps, delivering superior efficiency in destroying all living microorganisms in the water supply. Equipped with an accumulative timer and CE ballast with LED indicators, including a lamp failure indicator and warning buzzer, it provides comprehensive monitoring and maintenance alerts.

Recommended for hotels, restaurants, clinics, and the food industry, this sterilizer guarantees excellent water quality essential for various businesses. Installation of a 5-micron sediment filter before the device ensures clear water throughout the treatment process, while connection to the cold water line and a fault switch enhances safety and reliability.

Key Features of the PR-UV-48GPM-HT 160W Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer include its utilization of high-quality hard quartz material lamp and sleeve, ensuring a high output of 253.7nm UV rays for immediate microorganism destruction. With quick and simple installation, long service life, and easy lamp replacement and maintenance, it offers a natural and chemical-free method of water protection without altering taste or odor.


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