Boat Water Maker Legend LX Series

Throughout 29+ years, Sea water makers Recovery has maintained the dominant global market position in watermakers. These advanced systems employ reverse osmosis to filter seawater, yielding pristine potable water effectively. The presence of a watermaker on a vessel confers numerous boat water maker Legend LX series benefits both the ship’s personnel and its passengers.

The RO Plant, a water treatment companies in UAE, available capacities range from 2,100 GPD to 3,400 GPD (equivalent to 7,950 LPD to 12,870 LPD). Our latest addition to the Blue Water Legend series is the groundbreaking LX model – an entirely automated watermaker designed for Megayacht and Commercial applications. Employing cutting-edge technology, this innovative system ensures fully automatic functionality. The Boat Water Maker Legend LX Series incorporates a 7-inch full-color touch screen, facilitating an intuitive interaction between the user and the design. With one-touch operation and continuous monitoring, the water maker Legend LX optimizes the production and quality of the product water by Ultra Tec®.

Application Domain

For Boats, For Yachts


Reverse Osmosis


230 V, 380V


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