Water Maker Marine Pure Water Technology LLC Commercial Series 11-68 m3/Day

The Village Marine Pure Water Technology LLC Commercial Series Sea Water Makers is meticulously engineered for uninterrupted operations in situations demanding a consistent source of freshwater. This innovative desalination system boasts a production capacity ranging from 400 to 2,000 gallons per day (GPD), rendering it exceptionally suited for deployment in various commercial marine settings.

Introducation Marine Pure Water Technology LLC Commercial Series

The Village Marine Pure Water Technology LLC Commercial Series Water Maker system stands as the preferred choice for reliable freshwater generation equipment among the most exacting marine operators. This includes major oil companies, The United States Navy, The United States Coast Guard, and The Cousteau Society. Numerous PW installations have demonstrated their outstanding performance and durability in the harshest conditions. The modular design offers flexibility in component placement, fitting into spaces where available, and compact modules that can be easily transported through hatchways for installation. RO Plant water treatment companies in UAE capable of producing between 3,000-18,000 gallons per day (11,000-68,137 litres per day), this reverse osmosis desalinator is an ideal fit for various commercial marine applications.


A stainless steel 316 high-pressure valve permits bypass for start-up and low-pressure flushing without requiring readjustment of the regulating valve.


Stainless steel, glycerin-filled pressure gauges provide precise pressure readings at the filters, pump, and product output. A digital water quality monitor displays the part per million (ppm) measurement of total dissolved solids in the output water, along with temperature and total operating hours, ensuring precise service recordkeeping.


A freshwater flush system extends membrane lifespan without the need for preservatives by Ro Plant.


At the heart of each PW series watermaker lies the Aqua Pro 3 or 5, a plunger-type, titanium high-pressure pump.


Stainless steel 316 pre-filtration housings deliver a substantial 200 square feet of filtering area.

An optional multimedia filter is available for operations in turbid seas.


An automatic valve diverts the water to discharge if water quality drops below acceptable standards.

An optional explosion-proof rating is also available for added safety in hazardous environments.


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