RO DUPONT FILMTEC BW30-PRO-400/34 Membrane

The DUPONT FILMTEC BW30-PRO-400/34 Membrane, offered by the renowned RO Plant Water Treatment Company, is the ultimate choice for high-quality permeate water. With its robust membrane chemistry and wide pH cleaning range, this membrane ensures exceptional durability and efficiency. Ideal for municipal and industrial water treatment systems, it delivers consistent performance, long life, and increased productivity, making it a reliable solution for various water purification needs.


The DUPONT FILMTEC BW30-PRO-400/34 Membrane, available through the esteemed RO Plant Water Treatment Company, stands as a pinnacle of excellence in water purification technology. Designed to produce high-quality permeate water, this membrane embodies durability, efficiency, and reliability. Its robust membrane chemistry, coupled with the widest pH cleaning range in the industry (pH 1-13), ensures unparalleled performance even in challenging water conditions.

Perfectly suited for municipal and industrial water treatment systems generating over 10 GPM of permeate, the BW30-PRO-400/34 membrane offers higher rejection rates while consuming less energy. Its ability to resist foulants and maintain consistent performance makes it an indispensable asset for operations requiring controlled pre-treatment waters.

With decades of proven performance and Dow’s superior automated manufacturing technology, this membrane guarantees unmatched consistency from element to element and year after year. Its high flow and rejection rates, achieved without chlorination during manufacturing, make it a preferred choice for various applications.

Operational limits are generous, with a maximum operating temperature of 113°F, maximum pressure of 600 psig, and a wide pH range for continuous operation (pH 2-11) and short-term cleaning (pH 1-13). These specifications ensure versatility and adaptability across a range of water treatment scenarios.

The BW30-PRO-400/34 membrane finds extensive application in industrial water demineralization and the production of municipal drinking water, where stringent quality standards and reliable performance are paramount. With its unparalleled features and proven track record, this membrane stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in water treatment technology.


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